GRID PS4 PlayStation 4

Since the game's announcement earlier in the year, we've not heard much at all about GRID, Codemasters' next racing title. There's been a bit of gameplay, but we still know very little about the game itself. We expect it'll be good, given the track record of the series and the company's recent output, but it would be nice to learn a touch more before we jump into the driver's seat.

There's some good news and bad news. The bad news is that Codies has decided to push back the release of GRID by almost a month. It'll now be releasing on 11th October 2019. The good news is that the publisher will use this extra time to "give added exposure to a game we’re hugely excited about". In other words, we should be hearing a bit more about this racer ahead of launch.

"With a little more than three months until launch, our GRID and Codemasters channels will be revealing more information and gameplay and big announcements, with more major news coming In the next couple of days," reads the official blog post. We're certainly looking forward to hearing more, and the delay isn't very drastic, so we think this is more or less a win-win.

Are you looking forward to GRID on PS4? Are you disappointed by the delay, or can you handle a few extra weeks of waiting? Take a leisurely drive into the comments below.