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  • News Death Stranding's Official PS4 Box Art Revealed

    Steelbook art, too

    Update: Over on the PlayStation Blog, developer Kojima Productions has offered a better look at Death Stranding's official box art. Here's the standard edition: And the steelbook: Original Article: Hideo Kojima and friends have just wrapped up a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and one of the more notable announcements to...

  • News Days Gone Reloads with Fourth Free Challenge Map

    Ambush Camp Rush available now

    Another week is tiptoeing towards its conclusion, and that means Days Gone’s fourth free challenge map is out now. Named the Ambush Camp Rush, it’s based upon a mission from the main campaign – but now there’s a timer and sub-objectives to complete. As always, leaderboards will allow you to compare your score...

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  • News Super Mario 64's Physics Flawlessly Recreated in Dreams


    A complaint often levelled at user-generated content is that it rarely plays as well as a professionally made game. It’s a fair criticism: hobbyist creators working in suites such as LittleBigPlanet are often capable of incredible artistic achievements, but it’s rare for amateurs to get that all-important “feel” right. That’s what...

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