Apex Legends took to the EA Play stage today to announce its second season of content. Season 2, named Battle Charge, brings with it a new battle pass, a new weapon, and a new Legend. This all starts next month on 2nd July.

First and foremost, a new Legend is joining the line-up. Titled Wattson, her abilities are all about team play and blocking the enemy from certain routes. An ultimate ability, titled Interception Pylon, allows her to drop electric fences across the playing field that block off foes from entering, that we assume deals a nasty shock in the process if touched. Her passive, on the other hand, is a major boost to Ultimate Accelerants, which charge her ult to 100% straight away.

Next up, the new Battle Pass will now be challenge based, with daily and weekly tasks handing out XP in order to level up. The road to 100 should be quicker than the first season's battle pass too, with new content types replacing badges in order to fuel your journey. New legendary skins will form rank up rewards as well, with the likes of Caustic and Octane getting new skins, while the Spitfire and R-301 have something new to wear.

A new weapon can also be picked up on the battlefield, named the L-Star. Returning from Titanfall 2, it's a plasma fuelled LMG that can only be found in care packages. This means that the ammo that comes with it upon pick up is all you'll have for the duration of the match.

Will you be returning to Apex Legends for season 2? Drop into the comments below.