You’ve got to give credit to First Contact Entertainment: it’s kept PlayStation VR’s flagship tactical first-person shooter Firewall Zero Hour up-to-date, and managed to maintain a small but passionate community. Launching on 21st May is the biggest refresh yet: a huge update spanning free and premium content named Operation: Nightfall.

Despite the somewhat cheesy title, this update actually alters the structure of the game, with weekly missions and objectives rewarding you with cosmetic items. There’s a Battle Pass-esque system in place, too, with a $9.99 purchase adding extra tasks to your docket – all of which unlock seasonal items and more.

Elsewhere, there are two new maps which will be free for all owners of the title to enjoy, as well as two new contractors – although you will have to stump up for the Op-Pass in order to access them. Finally, there are a couple of fresh firearms, as well as an all-new UI that aims to enhance the overall experience.

It’s a really big update that perhaps demands further attention on the PlayStation Blog if you’re still actively playing the game. We’ll definitely be revisiting on 21st May because our review was quite critical of this release’s lifespan, but it appears to be defying the odds by remaining relevant long after launch.