It's a tactic that Microsoft has found great success in during previous E3 conferences, but it looks like Sony is once again stepping up its act when it comes to first-party acquisition. At last night's investor meeting, Jim Ryan stated that PlayStation is planning on investing in its line-up of first-party studios "through organic growth and acquisitions" as the PlayStation 5 inches closer to release.

Rather than purchasing active developers, Sony has traditionally opened studios in the past - growing its first party library organically. This news indicates that this will continue, while sprinkling in a couple of purchases along the way. The last major studio that Sony purchased was Sucker Punch way back in 2011, which had kicked off the successful inFAMOUS franchise two years prior and is now working on the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima. First-party is clearly a huge success for Sony, having just announced that God of War has passed 10 million in its lifetime sales. Incredibly impressive stuff.

Is there a developer you have in mind that Sony should purchase? Whip out your wallets in the comments below.

[source sony.net, via twitter.com]