E3 2019 Hype

Can you feel that in the air? That's E3, baby. It's always a special kind of atmosphere, a mix of excitement and trepidation, enhanced to often extreme degrees through the magic of ridiculous rumours and speculation. Indeed, E3 2019 is just over a week away, and although PlayStation won't be attending this year, we must admit, the hype is still starting to get to us.

But as always, we want to hear your thoughts. Are you starting to get hyped for E3 at all? Are you looking forward to the event, even though Sony won't be there? Which press conference is your most anticipated? Vote in our polls, and then feed us some honest opinions in the comments section below.

Are you hyped for E3 2019 yet?
If Sony was at E3 2019, would you be more hyped?
Which E3 2019 press conference/showcase/event are you most looking forward to?