We thought GRIP was a somewhat decent reimagining of PS1 racer Rollcage when it released late last year, but now developer Caged Element is going for a different type of vibe with its latest update. Anti-grav vehicles have been patched into the game, emulating the likes of WipEout.

The free update is available now, and introduces a new vehicle class called AirBlades to every track already in the game. Alongside that, a further set of races have been added in space to take full advantage of the flipping ability each car has as it leaves the laws of gravity behind.

Leo Zullo, managing director of publisher Wired Productions said: "I’m pretty sure if WipeOut and Rollcage hooked up, this is the baby they’d pop out. It’s beyond exciting to finally be able to reveal AirBlades, as we see it as a true game changer and industry first."

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