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We're sure you follow a couple of verified PSN accounts on your PS4 - it's always nice to see the likes of Shuhei Yoshida pop up in your What's New feed. Greg Miller anyone? Or maybe even Neil Druckmann? There's a whole list of people that are probably worth a follow, but did you know that they're having trouble changing their original PSN account names despite the fact that the ability is now a thing?

In a video over on Gamespot discussing the announcement of the PlayStation 5, Giant Bomb editor-in-chief Jeff Gerstmann sits down with Peter Brown and Michael Higham kick the topic off with a quick remark about how the PSN name change ordeal really came and went. Jeff then says: "I cared in that I couldn't change my name because I was verified. I had to go through - well, whatever - I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to change my name to learn that all the good names were already taken."

Due to the public nature of a verified PSN account that allows other players to follow that particular person, we can sort of understand why making the name change would be a little tougher for those high profile players. Still, it's a shame that some celebrities will still be stuck with that embarrassing title they'd rather forget.