The Division 2 Public Test Server

Developer Massive Entertainment has revealed that The Division 2 will soon be getting a public test server on PC. This may not immediately seem like a big deal -- especially here on a PlayStation website -- but in theory, it should allow for a better update process going forward, regardless of platform.

Public test servers are used by a lot of online games to refine upcoming patches. Developers use these servers to test changes that they may want to implement, without impacting the actual game. Essentially using PC players as guinea pigs -- with their consent, of course -- Massive should be able to tweak the finer points much more effectively.

Hopefully having a public test server helps the team get an even better idea of what needs improved and added in The Division 2. The title's latest patch, which released last week, managed to split opinion on various issues such as skill and weapon balancing. From where we're sitting, the addition of a test server can only be a good thing.