Dreams Early Access PS4 PlayStation 4

One thing is for certain: Media Molecule doesn't do things by halves. Dreams has been in the pipeline for most of the PlayStation 4's life, but this year, we've finally been graced with the chance to play the ambitious creation game for ourselves. Dreams launched in Early Access just over a week ago, much to the relief of many patient fans. We've noticed a lot of cool creations being shared around in all corners of the web, and it's fascinating to see.

We've already explained how we feel about the PS4 exclusive - we think it's brilliant - but we're more interested in how you're finding it. Have you been playing Dreams Early Access over the last ten days? Have you been building your very own things, or mainly just exploring what's already out there? How are you finding the creation tools -- are they as accessible as you hoped? Take a moment to vote in the below polls, and make yourself heard in the comments section below -- we'd love to know what you think of Dreams so far.

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