ANTHEM PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sony doesn’t have a refund policy on the PlayStation Store, but it is possible to get your money back in extreme circumstances. Reddit is reporting that the platform holder is reimbursing some ANTHEM purchases, as the game continues to stumble despite the release of various patches since launch. Our own reviewer Robert Ramsey has mentioned in the past that the title’s issues can extend to hard crashes which require the power cord to be pulled out of the PS4 itself, which obviously isn’t good.

Unfortunately, it seems if you want your cash back, you’re going to have to rely on getting a generous customer service representative. While it seems that plenty of customers have been successful, there are an equal number of disgruntled players who’ve had their request declined. This is just another reminder that the Japanese giant should get with the times and implement a proper refund policy, but seeing as how it’s still dallying on cross-play and PSN name changes, we won’t hold our breath.