The Division 2 Skill Cooldown Bug

There's a major bug in The Division 2 right now that's seriously damaging the experience for many a player -- ourselves included. The issue causes skills to malfunction, essentially rendering them useless. Instead of throwing out a turret or deploying a drone and having them operate as expected for a set amount of time, this bug forces them to disappear almost immediately after they're used.

Skills are all but necessary tools in the later stages of the game, and being unable to make use of them can make some tougher missions an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, developer Massive is on the case, although it does say that a fix may take a little time.

"Regarding the skills bug: This is our highest priority right now and we understand how incredibly frustrating it can be," the developer states on the game's official forums. "fixing this issue is something we want to do right to not include more bugs with it. That means it's taking a bit longer than we want but the dev team is hard at work to fix this. We're also planning to add other fixes to that patch, which hopefully will have a positive impact for everybody."

Let's hope that the fix arrives sooner rather than later, because as it stands, this whole ordeal is having a major impact on our enjoyment of The Division 2 -- a game that we recently showered with praise.