Anthem Patch 1.04

It's been a rocky old ride for ANTHEM, but this latest update should be a step in the right direction. Patch 1.04 is available to download now, weighing it at around 2.4GB on PlayStation 4.

The update features a long list of adjustments, improvements, and additions, so we'll quickly run through the highlights. For starters, the patch introduces extra difficult legendary missions and all-new Elysian caches. The latter appear at the end of strongholds, and can be opened with keys that you get from completing daily challenges. The caches contain cosmetic items such as vinyls, poses, and emotes.

Next, loot has generally been made more plentiful. Chests have a better chance to drop more stuff, as do the game's toughest enemies. On top of that, performance has been optimised, lessening the strain on your PS4 when it's dealing with certain environmental effects like weather and lighting.

Perhaps one of the biggest improvements in patch 1.04 is that the forge can now be accessed from anywhere in Fort Tarsis or the launch bay -- and guess what? There's no longer a loading screen separating the forge from everything else. Neat.

Loads of bugs have also been fixed, while weapons, gear, and abilities have been rebalanced across the board. And yes, BioWare says that it's fixed the scaling issue which allowed players to unequip gear in order to deal more damage. You can read the full patch notes through here.

So ANTHEM's at least moving in the right direction, but is this enough? Are you still playing the game? Engage your boosters and shoot your way into the comments section below.