Anthem Patch 1.03 Broken

Just when you think ANTHEM can't possibly be hit with any more bad press... This happens. In a huge post, Reddit user TermperHoof has called upon the power of maths to detail why the game's latest patch -- update 1.03 -- has essentially broken the progression system on a fundamental level. It's one heck of a read.

Obviously we're not going to go into all of the details here (we're not that smart!) but the gist of it is that the patch has introduced a power scaling system that renders a lot of ANTHEM's loot completely pointless. As TermperHoof explains, removing equipment, such as support gear, can actually make your character stronger -- we reported on this already. However, the issue runs much deeper than that.

"Combined Power Score is utterly pointless. The game instead just averages what you have physically equipped that isn't level one, and combines that number into a simple variable to select an arbitrary multiplier not related to your equipment," TermperHoof writes. In other words, ANTHEM is essentially feeding players misinformation with regards to their statistics. The only part that really matters is a hidden damage multiplier that, under the right circumstances, can completely overwrite the effects of what is supposed to be some of the most powerful equipment in the game.

"This isn't some sort of bug, this is a fundamental design flaw. At this point, the game is lying to you about how much damage you're doing. This is why there is no Stat Sheet, as there isn't anything worth recording. If you play the game thinking your Power Scores, Weapons, Abilities, Components, or the Inscriptions attached to them matter -- then you're doing yourself harm," the post concludes.

So yeah, this design kind of makes ANTHEM's whole loot chase seem like a total waste of time. Even if you're kitted out with the best gear that grinding can buy, you can probably attain much greater power by simply removing it and sticking with a few legendary items. Sounds nice and balanced to us!

Is ANTHEM ever going to get back on its feet at this point? Give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.