Deltarune Chapter 1 PS4 PlayStation 4

Last week, it was announced that Toby Fox's follow-up to Undertale - or at least the beginning of it - will be making its way to PlayStation 4. Deltarune is currently in development, but the first chapter of was released for free on PC last year, and it's now console bound.

What we didn't know was exactly when it would arrive on Sony's platform. The port was announced alongside the Nintendo Switch version, but no date was provided for the PS4 release. As it turns out, the game will come to both platforms on the same date: 28th February 2019.

Roughly translated, the above tweet confirms that Deltarune Chapter 1 is coming to PS4 on the aforementioned date, and also urges you to play Undertale first, a sentiment we'd echo. Either way, the new release will be available for free.

Will you be checking out Deltarune Chapter 1 on PS4? Act, don't fight in the comments below.

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