Dangerous Driving is the game Three Fields Entertainment has been building up to for some time. The small developer, set up by Burnout creators Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, has put out a handful of games since its founding a few years ago, all of which evoke a similar attitude to the celebrated arcade racing series. Danger Zone 1 and 2 came very close to capturing the magic of Burnout's Crash mode, but the studio's latest game looks to take things a step further.

This is a closed-circuit racer with an emphasis on ludicrous speeds, takedowns, and vehicular carnage -- sound familiar? It certainly looks the part, with very similar presentation to the Burnout games of old. According to the press release, there will be a variety of event types, from traditional Takedown races to a cops-and-robbers style Pursuit mode. Additionally, the game will support online races for eight players: "Players can race offline against remorseless AI drivers in over 8 different event types, or online against seven other aggressive players, all the while unlocking new deadly cars and aggressive abilities as they progress."

It sounds like a much more comprehensive game than we've seen so far from the developer. It remains to be seen if the gameplay will hold up to scrutiny, but it's sounding fairly promising from what we've seen so far. Dangerous Driving is coming to PS4 both digitally and physically on 9th April 2019. What do you think? Are you excited to see if Dangerous Driving can deliver similar thrills and spills as its inspiration? Trade some paint in the comments below.