Following a recent leak, a new Power Rangers game has been announced, and it's heading to PS4. Called Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, the game appears to be a budget one-on-one fighter, featuring characters old and new from across the franchise's many iterations.

It's developed by nWay, a studio known for its mobile titles such as ChronoBlade and, yes, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. It seems that Battle for the Grid could be an enhanced version of the mobile game, released to coincide with Power Rangers' 25th anniversary.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment, but we expect you'll be able to duke it out with a wide range of characters in basic versus modes. Battle for the Grid is set to release sometime in April this year.

Are you excited for a new Power Rangers game on PS4? Reminisce about the old Mega Drive beat 'em up in the comments below.