Here’s a Days Gone demo played by a member of Sony Bend’s development team, as protagonist Deacon St. John is tasked with taking out a gigantic horde of the undead – or Freakers, as they’re known in the title’s lore. This is an old build – the same as the one shown to Game Informer earlier in the year – so it does look a bit jankier than the most recent trailer, but we really like the gameplay loop.

Effectively, this gang of grotesque monsters is proving a threat to a nearby encampment, and so Deacon is sent in to clear it out. The video showcases how you can use the environment – including precariously positioned red barrels – to blow them to smithereens. The planning process reminds this author a little of BioShock 2, where you could have a lot of fun setting up traps for enemies to run into.

And according to the team, this is a “small” horde…