Days Gone PS4 PlayStation 4 1

What the heck is going on? So far this year Game Informer’s had God of War and Spider-Man cover stories, and now it’s following them both up with another PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone. The publication travelled to Sony Bend’s secluded studio in Oregon to go hands-on with the mysterious post-apocalyptic game, and it’s come back with a month of coverage.

Deacon St. John’s biker-fuelled romp is in a strange spot; the game looks like an easy sell, but it’s also been largely overlooked by the most vocal of gamers. Game Informer even acknowledges this: “Does the world really need another zombie game? After spending a couple of days playing the game and gaining a deeper understanding of what the studio is trying to accomplish, we came back with an enthusiastic yes.”

There’s a coverage trailer embedded above with some brand new gameplay footage, showcasing some motorcycle action and numbers popping out of enemy hordes. We’re due more information over the coming days and weeks, as Game Informer plans to reveal much more about the title – both on its website and in the magazine itself. You can learn more through here.