Oh yeah, Battlefield V is still a thing. DICE's latest World War 2 shooter has been subject to multiple price cuts over the Christmas period, but that hasn't stopped the roll-out of the title's post-launch content in its tracks.

Titled Lightning Strikes, the next free update brings with it a whole host of new modes spread across the next few months. From 17th January, you'll gain access to Squad Conquest, a smaller 8 v 8 mode that promises to be quicker and more intense than the classic large-scale warfare the series is known for. Alongside that, new weapons and vehicles will be drafted into the experience, including the Zk-383 submachine gun and the M1922 MMG.

In February, a new cooperative mode named Combined Arms takes the place of Squad Conquest. Played across a series of eight missions, you'll team up with fellow players in order to attempt a surgical strike on the enemy. Elsewhere, a new Grand Operation set across two existing maps will be selectable from the multiplayer hopper on 21st February.

And finally, the second chapter in the Tides of War marketing campaign brings with it the return of Rush. The fan favourite mode will be playable on Twisted Steel, Narvik, and Devastation, and available from 7th March through until the 20th. Yeah, that's right folks, one of the biggest reasons to play a Battlefield game has been reduced to a time limited event that'll be around for less than two weeks. Multiplayer games, right?

Have you stuck with Battlefield V since its launch last year? How do you feel about playing Rush mode in two months time for a grand total of 13 days? Have a good moan in the comments below.

[via ea.com]