First came a brilliant pack of synthwave themes, then a gorgeous globe-based backdrop -- the PS4 has been getting some cracking dynamic themes lately. The company behind these, Truant Pixel, has created a huge number of top quality themes in the last few years. While it's crafted some great ones for specific games, it's definitely upping the ante with these more general skins.

Its latest offering can be seen in the above video. Called LoFi Valley, this is another series of themes that come as one package, or you can buy them individually. In the background is a full 3D forest scene, and playing over the top are some relaxing chillout tunes. Combined with time of day and seasonal changes, depending on your PS4's date and time settings, the result is another brilliantly ambient set of themes. It's going on sale today, but unfortunately, it looks like this is only available in North America for the time being -- a release in other regions is currently TBD. Here's hoping it makes the jump to other territories.

What do you think of LoFi Valley? Will you be using one of these themes on your PS4? Sit back and relax in the comments below.

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