Developer Truant Pixel has done it again, releasing another lovely looking dynamic PlayStation 4 theme on the PlayStation Store. This latest backdrop consists of a high resolution model of our very own Earth, and it comes complete with dynamic lighting that changes based on your system's clock. Nice.

Want to know the best part, though? The last time we covered a dynamic PS4 theme from Truant Pixel, it wasn't available in Europe, but something must have happened over at Sony HQ, because according to the video's description, this one's going to be released in North America, Europe, and Australia today. That's today, the 4th December, just to be clear. Hurrah!

For whatever reason, Sony Europe was restricting the release of dynamic PS4 themes not tied to any specific games. We guess that its policy must have changed?

Anyway, let us know if you'll be gawking at this one in the comments section below.