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Sony has potentially teased a glimpse of what a future PlayStation could deliver, by demoing Gran Turismo Sport in an eye-melting 8K at a blistering 120 frames-per-second. At an event in Tokyo focusing on outrageous consumer electronics, the Japanese giant showcased its new Crystal LED Display System with footage of Polyphony Digital’s simulation racer.

The television, which has a whopping 440-inches of screen estate, outputs an alarmingly crisp image – although you’d need to raid a dozen banks in order to be able to afford one. GT Planet speculates that while the footage is based on Gran Turismo Sport, it’s more likely to be some kind of target render as all of the graphical details are significantly dialled up.

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You’d need to see this in person to get the full effect, but one Twitter user did nab some off-screen footage:

It’s a long way off, then, but this is a small glimpse of what a Gran Turismo game could look like in the future. Are you eagerly anticipating our 8K future, or are you yet to even upgrade to 4K? Count every pixel in the comments section below.

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