PlayStation Classic PS1 PSone

Remember the PSPgo? Sony’s miniature handheld only played digital games, but it was actually a really likeable device, and one of its best features was how it allowed you to effectively save anywhere in any game. By bringing up the main menu, you could effectively create ‘Resume Points’, which meant even if you hadn’t technically saved your game, you’d be able to pick it up exactly where you left it later on.

The PlayStation Classic has the same feature, allowing you to push the Reset button on the hardware at any time to quit the game and save a ‘Resume Point’. This means that you can pick up your progress later on without needing to restart – and you don’t necessarily need to have saved.

Elsewhere, the Open button on the device is used to simulate the concept of changing discs in games like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII, which is a novel little nostalgic touch. And if you haven’t seen it yet, the user interface is modelled on the original PlayStation’s garish gradient purple backdrop, which is neat nod, too. See, it’s not all bad, is it?