That's quite a headline for a Monday morning, so let's go back a little bit. Marble It Up! is a new puzzle platformer that looks like a cross between Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball, and sees you guiding a marble through more than 50 levels full of twists and turns. It's currently in development for PS4, although there's no firm date yet.

Check out the trailer for the Steam release above to get a good look at the game. It looks like it not only has gems for you to collect, but power-ups that give you a speed boost, lower gravity, or provide a super jump. Not only will it have online leaderboards and ghosts to compete with for the fastest times, it'll also feature several multiplayer modes. It looks pretty good.

Again, Marble It Up! doesn't have a launch date on PS4 right now -- hopefully it isn't too far away. What do you make of it? Roll up into a ball in the comments below.