The omnipresent Fortnite continues to wheedle its way into every corner of popular culture, with this NERF Blaster representing the natural next step before Happy Meal freebies parachute into McDonald’s restaurants. Due out next summer, the $49.99 dart gun features flip-up sights and a motor, so you can pick off prey at a record rate. It’s also got a big fat decal on it, so everyone will know you’re a fan of Epic Games’ tween titan.

We’ve got to admit this does look cool, and it’s still just the beginning of parent company Hasbro’s partnership with the game. There’s already a Monopoly set in stores ahead of Christmas, with both companies promising that there’s more to come. Until then, you’ll be able to check out the Fortnite AR-L NERF Blaster in person at TwitchCon. They’re probably not going to let you unload the firearm’s including 10-dart clip on Sonic the Hedgehog cosplayers, though. Sorry.