Borderlands 2 VR PSVR PlayStation VR 1

You wanted more full-length games to make the leap to PlayStation VR, and Borderlands 2 is next in line. Due out on 14th December, the aptly named Borderlands 2 VR will bring the cel-shaded world of Pandora to Sony’s headset – and a bunch of new features to boot. This is the full game and not a spin-off experience, although it won’t have the original’s co-op mode, so you’ll be vault hunting on your own.

The game will feature a few new mechanics, including Bad Ass Mega Fun Time, which will essentially allow you to slow down time during combat. We assume this has been designed with aiding motion sickness in mind, and you will of course have the option to teleport if you prefer that method of locomotion in virtual reality. Don’t worry, though: traditional locomotion will also be on offer if you’ve already got your sea legs.

Elsewhere, the game’s driving mechanics will now be playable in first-person, allowing you to steer with your chosen controller and aim weapons with your head. You’ll also be able to use motion controls to navigate the menus if you so choose, with an inventory system that’s been revised and remastered for PSVR. We checked in with 2K Games, and the title will support either the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move wands – but not the PSVR Aim Controller.

Is this a campaign you’ll be willing to replay in virtual reality? As mentioned earlier in the article, the title’s due out on 14th December, with pre-orders open right now. Register your interest on the PlayStation Store, and you’ll land a dynamic theme featuring the title’s four famous Vault Hunters. Will you be picking this up? Do you want more games of this kind of scale for PSVR? Do your best Claptrap dance in the comments section below.