Spider Man E3 2018

Accessibility in games is becoming a bigger and bigger topic of conversation. Over the last few years especially, we've seen a lot more titles incorporate options that make them easier to enjoy. From difficulty options that allow players to just enjoy the story without having to worry too much about combat, to colourblind options and even smaller tweaks like the ability to increase text size, it's great to see developers keep accessibility in mind.



The latest blockbuster to feature a whole suite of accessibility options is Marvel's Spider-Man. A running theme with titles published by Sony this generation -- with games like Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndHorizon: Zero Dawn, and God of War all boasting similar options -- Spidey's open world outing has a number of variables that players can tweak at will.

These include bigger subtitles, the ability to automatically succeed in quick time events, and the option to skip puzzles. Obviously these options can be useful for all players -- maybe you just don't want to get bogged down in puzzles, or quick time events just aren't your thing -- but the bottom line is that these inclusions allow more people to adjust the game to suit their needs.

Regular readers will know that we're all for more options in games, and it's this kind of stuff that shows promise for the future.