D2 Forsaken 13

Ace of Spades, Cayde's trademark hand cannon in Destiny, is up for grabs in Destiny 2: Forsaken. It's an Exotic weapon that's yours to uncover at the end of the expansion's main story, but actually restoring the gun's power takes time and effort.

Previously, in order to make Ace of Spades what it once was, you needed to fulfil several quest conditions, one of which was to take out five enemy Guardians in Gambit, the expansion's new co-op-competitive hybrid mode. However, invading players in Gambit are tough to kill, so this requirement could be a little difficult and time consuming.

Fortunately, for those who haven't completed this step yet, Bungie has issued a quick hotfix for the game that changes the requirement. Instead of having to blast five invaders, you're now tasked with killing either invaders or just general enemies in Gambit, which makes the quest a lot easier to complete.

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