no man's sky procedurally generated mission.jpg

Procedurally generated missions or quests in games can be hit and miss. In Fallout 4, for example, you can pick up a procedural quest that takes you halfway across the map and the journey becomes an adventure in itself -- but it's not always that engaging. You might find a mission that has you wander around looking for specific items, or perhaps you'll be tasked with going on a boring delivery run.

And then we have No Man's Sky, the king of procedural generation, given that its entire universe is built around the concept. Naturally, the space-faring sim has its own procedurally generated mission system, and, as the video below shows, it can serve up some bloody brilliant moments.

In the clip that developer Sean Murray apparently found over on Reddit, the player's tasked with finding a missing person, but through the magic of procedural generation, that missing person turns out to be the quest giver themselves.

Thanks to some comical editing, we're left with a great little video -- we love the joyous celebration near the end.