persona 5 rumours

The official Japanese website for the Persona franchise, titled Persona Channel, has just been relaunched by Atlus. The site houses information on everything Persona, from the games to anime adaptations, and licensed merchandise to live events.

Its relaunch could mean absolutely nothing -- we have to stress that -- but that hasn't stopped Persona fans from speculating online. After all, the renewal of a website often means that something is happening behind the scenes.

As for what that something might be, it's hard to say. For months there have been rumours of an enhanced re-release of Persona 5, but there's been nothing concrete on that yet. Some have suggested that it might be to do with a new Persona fighting game since EVO 2018 -- the world's largest fighting game event -- takes place this weekend, but with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle still relatively new, we're not sold on that particular idea.

Anyway, if it does turn out to be something relevant to PlayStation, you can be sure that we'll cover it.