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Those weirdos over on Reddit have done it again, providing concrete answers to the most important of questions. Shamefully, we didn't spot this incredible little detail in our full breakdown and analysis of the gameplay reveal for Red Dead Redemption 2, but we simply have to spread the news.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has horse testicles.

That's right, Rockstar's gone the extra mile and given male horses a pair of big old swingers, and you can catch them in the aforementioned gameplay trailer if you stare hard enough. Those of you with a sharp memory may recall that the first Red Dead Redemption also had its share of animal testes, so we're glad that the developer's passion continues to burn.

On a serious note, though, the horse models appear to be very impressive in Red Dead 2. In our opinion, the first game still has some of the best horse models and animations in gaming, and based on what we've seen of the sequel, these next-gen beasts look even better.

So, has this news pushed you over the pre-order fence? Treat your horse right in the comments section below.