Spider-Man PS4 Social Media Sony 1

One of the things we stumbled upon during our Marvel’s Spider-Man demo this week is an in-game social media feed, which you’ll find in the open world exclusive’s menu screen. This fictional Twitter updates constantly as you progress through the game, with the web-slinger updating the world on his adventures.

Some of the responses to Peter Parker’s messages had us howling, as it’s abundantly clear that Insomniac Games has been paying close to attention to the way people use real-world social media platforms. It all helps make the city feel more alive, which is something creative director Bryan Intihar talked about in our interview.

“A lot of what makes New York City memorable is the people, and so we didn’t want to make a game where something happens early on and everyone disappears [or is evacuated],” he said. “We wanted the city to react to the events that happen, and we wanted the people to reference things that are happening in the game.”

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