PlayStation 4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima wowed a lot of people when it appeared at E3 earlier this year. Its gameplay demo was arguably the highlight of Sony's shaky show, but we've seen virtually nothing of the game since. And while the above video doesn't feature anything particularly new, it's interesting to hear creative director Nate Fox talk about just how much research has gone into making the title feel genuine.

"It's inspired by history but we're not recreating history stone by stone," Fox says. "That said we do want to take people back to Tsushima island, and the team's done a lot of research."

Fox continues: "Two trips to Tsushima island itself, we communicate a lot with experts in different fields from the way that a samurai would hold their katana, to how they would drink sake, to dialogue experts, to experts on religions of the time. We want to do everything we can to make the place feel transportative."

Not too long after Ghost of Tsushima was first revealed, developer Sucker Punch did say that it was working with Sony Japan Studio to help the game feel authentic. Clearly, the Washington based studio is taking this side of the project very seriously indeed.