Western developers tackling Eastern themes is, for whatever reason, a rarity when it comes to gaming. When Ghost of Tsushima was announced at Paris Games Week 2017, we'll admit that we had it pinned as a Japanese-developed title, and like many, we were surprised to see American studio Sucker Punch credited at the end of it.

But obviously, the first party outfit has done its research. During the game's panel at PlayStation Experience 2017, Sucker Punch gives us some information regarding how it's actually handling the title. Alongside referential trips to Japan, the developer reveals that it's working closely with Japan Studio -- that's Sony's big first party studio in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sony's developers working together is nothing new, of course -- plenty of them have collaborated with Guerrilla Games, for example, in order to nail down the tech for their titles. But this is an interesting one in that Sucker Punch clearly wants to be accurate and respectful with the culture that it's portraying in Ghost of Tsushima.

It's a little unclear how far this particular collaboration goes, but the team is joined by Sony's Ryuhei Katami in the aforementioned PSX panel, who's acting as associate producer on the project. Katami's not only there to help manage development, but he's also something of a line between the two studios.

Sounds like a good angle doesn't it? Sheathe your sword in the comments section below.