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No Man's Sky NEXT is out today, in case you didn't already know. Quite possibly the game's most anticipated update ever, NEXT adds full multiplayer to the space-faring game, among other things. And with so much buzz surrounding the title, lead developer Sean Murray has posted a rather heartfelt message over on the title's official site.

In the post, Murray states that better communication between the team and fans of No Man's Sky is a priority moving forward. "Certainly one regret is that the intensity and drama of launch left no room for communication with the community," he writes. "We decided instead to focus on development rather than words. Following Foundation, Pathfinder and Atlas Rises, we really want to include you, the community, more."

"We know that over 200 million hours of No Man’s Sky have been played to date. It makes us happy, but desperate to communicate better," Murray reiterates.

We assume that this means you can expect more blog posts and more regular updates from Hello Games. What's more, a new part of the official website, titled the Galactic Atlas, will be dedicated entirely to the No Man's Sky community.

Sound good to you? Don't explore the darkest reaches of space alone in the comments section below.

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