Onrush Tips and Tricks Guide 1

Onrush is a very different kind of arcade racer, so we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help make you the MVP in every race. You’re going to need to forget every road rule you’ve learned over the past 30 years, because Codemasters’ latest plays unlike anything else. In this guide, we’re going to talk you through the modes and car classes, and share plenty of hints to help take you to the top.

How Do You Gain Boost in Onrush?

Regardless of which mode you play, Onrush is all about how much boost you’ve got in your tank. You can earn boost in a number of ways, but the best method is to get as much airtime as possible (jump off ramps, undulations in the road, etc) and ram into “fodder” cars. You can also earn boost from near misses, while the Dynamo car class will drop pick-ups that add to your tank. Furthermore, its Rush move will resupply allies in close proximity, so it’s worth having one of these cars in your team. Keep an eye out for Tombstones dropped around the track, as these provide small boost injections – but be careful of those dropped by the Blade bike class, as these will temporarily blind you. Finally, remember that tricks can add to your boost when you’re on two wheels.

Onrush Tips and Tricks Guide 2

How Do You Get MVP in Onrush?

The MVP award in Onrush is assigned to the player with the most points on the winning team. To be the MVP, you’re going to need to contribute heavily to the game’s objective, while also taking out opponents and supporting your teammates.

How to Win at Overdrive in Onrush

Overdrive in Onrush sees you earning points for your team by boosting. As such, you’re going to want a full tank of nitrous at all times. Use fodder cars and jumps to keep your boost well topped up, and make sure you keep your foot on the gas. Try to form a formation with your team mates to block off attackers, and use your Rush at the optimal moment to finish the round.

How to Win at Countdown in Onrush

Countdown in Onrush sees you driving through gates to add time to your team’s ticking total. The more gates you pass through as a team, the better your chance of staying alive, and subsequently winning the round. Try to balance accuracy with offense; remember that if you take your opponents out, they can’t be passing through gates, so you want them out of the game – but you don’t want to put yourself out in the process.

Onrush Tips and Tricks Guide 3

How to Win at Lockdown in Onrush

Lockdown in Onrush sees you attempting to dominate a moving circular zone. The team with the most cars inside the circle for five seconds will win the round. One tactic to winning at this mode is to put one car out in front while the rest of the team conquers the current zone. The car out in front can then make a charge for the next zone when it respawns, allowing for a quick double play.

How to Win at Switch in Onrush

Switch in Onrush gives you three lives, with each crash transferring you to a different car class. The goal here is survival; play offensively when the opportunity arrives, but try to stay in the game for as long as possible. If you’re not crashing, then there’s always a chance your opponents may make a mistake. Once you get up to the larger car classes, it becomes a bit easier to shut out any bikes, but don’t get reckless just because your vehicle’s bigger; you don’t want to face-plant into a wall while you’re attempting to sideswipe a bike.

How Do You Rush in Onrush?

Rush is the special move that you’ll acquire in Onrush every round. You earn Rush primarily by boosting, but different vehicle classes allow you to expedite your gauge’s growth. The Vortex car class, for example, gains Rush for barrel rolls, while the Charger gains it from near misses with opponents.

Onrush Tips and Tricks Guide 4

It’s also worth noting that every Rush is slightly different. While all car classes get a speed and damage boost when triggered, the Outlaw can drain Rush from nearby teammates, while the Titan drops blockades that can help slow enemies down. Understand each car’s attributes to truly succeed on the track.

How Do You Takedown Opponents in Onrush?

The best way to takedown opponents in Onrush is to make sure the front of your bonnet connects with the side of their car. If you manage to get your rivals into a T-bone situation, then you’ll make them crash practically every time. Of course, this can work the other way, too – don’t allow your enemies to get their bumper into contact with the side of your car.

You can also throw opponents off balance by clipping them into walls and other obstacles forcing a crash, but if they’re competent drivers then this may be more difficult. Landing on top of cars is another guaranteed KO, and you can control your airtime by choosing whether to boost or not while in the air; if you ease off the nitrous then you’ll “float” more than you will with your foot down.

Onrush Tips and Tricks Guide 5

Do not allow opponents to come over the top of you, and remember that you’re not in a race; sometimes slowing down and letting opponents overtake can get you out of danger and into an offensive position. Rushing is obviously your best means of scoring takedowns, so trigger it at the right opportunities to clear out the field.

What’s the Best Car in Onrush?

All of the car classes in Onrush have pros and cons, so it depends on what the race requires. Bikes are pretty good in Countdown because they’re nimble, but they can easily be knocked off course. We’re big fans of the Dynamo because it’s a good all-rounder that can put a lot more boost into play, so it’s one car you should always have on your team. The Charger’s also pretty great as it has good aerial abilities and an extremely powerful Rush attack. Learn and understand how to use each car class and experiment – much like Overwatch, everyone will have their own personal favourites.

Have you got any Onrush tips and tricks to share? What's your favourite car class, and do you have any additional hints to help readers dominate the destructive field? Rush into the comments section below and let us know.