RAGE 2 PS4 PlayStation 4

We learned late last week that RAGE 2 would be officially revealed today, but it seems that the short teaser trailer has made its way online ahead of schedule. Initially uploaded to YouTube, it has since been taken down, but that didn't stop several people from creating mirrors. You can watch the video in the below tweet.

It's safe to say that the sequel to RAGE is adopting a very different tone. The colourful, punky aesthetic obviously matches all Bethesda's recent images hinting the game, and the music of course backs this up. Quite how different the sequel will be remains to be seen, but at least tonally, it seems to be pretty far removed from the first game.

Perhaps the official reveal later today will shed some more light on the game. Either way, we're certain to see more of RAGE 2 at Bethesda's E3 press conference next month.

What do you make of RAGE 2's teaser trailer? Do you like the shift in tone or were you hoping for a more straightforward sequel? Get ready to die in the comments below.

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