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That rumoured RAGE sequel is looking more and more likely by the day, as Bethesda has dropped another hint that a follow-up to the first-person shooter is on the way. Hot on the heels of a Wal-Mart leak, the publisher resurrected the franchise’s dormant social media page. Today it’s shared a photograph of Big Ben smeared with the same kind of pink paint it’s been using on the title’s Twitter account.

Some believe that the time on the clock, 5:14, is alluding to some form of 14th May reveal. Even more curiously, UK developer Rebellion has been interacting with the RAGE Twitter account, leading some to speculate that it may be involved with the project in some way. The Oxford-based studio has been busy with titles like Strange Brigade so we reckon it’s a stretch to expect it to be making this unexpected sequel – but with original developer id Software presumably working on DOOM 2, stranger things have happened.

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