The Invisible Hours PS4 PlayStation 4 1

We’ve been harping on about The Invisible Hours since it released on PlayStation VR last year, and now you’ve got no excuse not to experience it, because developer Tequila Works is porting it to the PlayStation 4 as a non-virtual reality release. It’s due out on 24th April, but there’s no word on a price just yet.

For our money, this has some of the smartest writing you’ll find on Sony’s system. Set on an island inhabited by famous faces like Nikola Tesla, this is a cleverly choreographed murder mystery, where you serve as a voyeur, following different characters around a mansion. You can only ever be in one place at any given time, but things will be occurring all over the house simultaneously. You’ll need to replay the same 60 minute sequence over and over again in order to uncover all the threads.

Stripping away the PSVR requirement means that you’re unlikely to feel the same sense of place that you get in the virtual reality version, which may lessen the impact of some revelations. That said, this is all about the incredibly intelligent interwoven narrative that the title presents, and that should remain very much intact on standard screens.