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Square Enix has revealed that an update is in the works for Secret of Mana on PlayStation 4. The patch, which is due to release in early March, features a number of bug fixes and improvements, but perhaps most notably, the update promises to reduce the frequency of crashes.

While it doesn't appear to be a widespread issue, we have seen mention of crashing errors here and there around the 'net. Hopefully this patch clears up the problem.

Anyway, here are the notes in full, as translated by Gematsu:

  • Reduced the frequency of application errors
  • Fixed an error in which characters transition to a blacked-out screen
  • Fixed an error in which the character’s color changes
  • Fixed an error in which half of the screen goes dark
  • Fixed an error in which party members revived at zero HP
  • Fixed an error in which conversations would not finish on certain maps
  • Fixed an error in which players slipped through floors on maps that are two floors
  • Fixed an error that stops enemy movement when using a combination of some attacks and magic
  • Fixed bow and arrow behavior in battles against some monsters
  • Added a guide display for the switch button on the Ring Command screen
  • Added an icon for the character currently using a ring on the Ring Command screen
  • Added an item effect display for Item Rings and the Ring Command screen

Have you been playing the Secret of Mana remake? Have you ran into any of these issues? Find a legendary sword in the comments section below.

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