Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana (PS4)


PlayStation 4
Square Enix
Square Enix


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User Ratings: 4

Our Review: 6/10


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Action, RPG
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  • 15th Feb 2018 (USA)
  • 15th Feb 2018 (UK/EU)
Feature Support
PS4 Pro Enhanced, 4K

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Secret of Mana Screenshot
Secret of Mana Screenshot
Secret of Mana Screenshot


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    Review Secret of Mana

    Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting rabites

    Secret of Mana is a remake of one of the SNES’ best loved JRPGs. It was widely praised at the time for its fun hack-'n'-slash combat, beautiful music, and vibrant graphics. However this 2018 remake feels like its stripped away some of the magic of the original and instead made its shortcomings much...

About The Game

Long ago...the world prospered and humanity thrived thanks to a power known as Mana. However, humans soon sought to use Mana to create the ultimate weapon—a floating battleship called the Mana Fortress. This greedy arrogance angered the gods, who in turn unleashed vicious beasts into the world. A violent war between the Mana beasts and the fortress engulfed the world in poison and fire until Mana had all but disappeared.

In humanity's bleakest hour, a hero wielding the Mana Sword appeared and destroyed the fortress. The world was left in shambles, and yet humanity persevered and there was peace throughout the land.

But as time history repeats...