We reckon you could probably make a pretty great American Football game with PlayStation VR, especially from the quarterback position – but how is soccer supposed to work? Well, SportsBarVR developer Cherry Pop Games reckons it’s figured it out with VRFC – a new football-based virtual reality title set to release on 27th February.

How does it work? “With the use of two PlayStation Move controllers acting as your feet, natural arm motions provide the base running and kicking mechanic, while a series of basic button presses control the more precise movements,” Gemma Jessop explained on the PlayStation Blog. So you kick the ball with your hands? Hmm.

Assuming this mechanic actually works, then the title certainly sounds ambitious. It’s promising eight-player online kickabouts, with full global leaderboards. You’ll be able to setup private matches with your pals if you want something a little more personal, too. Elsewhere, there’ll be training minigames where you’ll have the option to tailor your skills.

We need to play this for ourselves to see how it all works, because while we like the idea of virtual reality football, we’re not sure we fully understand how you’re supposed to control it with your hands. All will be revealed imminently when the title releases; in the meantime, check out the trailer embedded above and let us know what you think.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]