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Today marks the launch of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on PlayStation 4. Essentially the game's big season three update blown up to include a healthy injection of single player content, Arcade Edition makes the title finally feel like a properly fleshed out fighting game -- or at least, we like to think it does.

Street Fighter V was picked to bits when it launched without the basics back 2016. More casual players bounced off the release almost instantly because it did nothing to cater for them, and even competitive users were left underwhelmed by the game's rough online modes. Remember, Capcom didn't even have a penalty in place for players who quit out of online matches. Dark days indeed.

But now, with the launch of Arcade Edition, we have to ask: will you be returning to Street Fighter V? Or have you been playing it since it released? Perhaps you're thinking of jumping in for the very first time? Whatever your situation, we want to know about it. Vote in our polls, and then mash some buttons in the comments section below.

Will you be playing Street Fighter V thanks to Arcade Edition? (87 votes)

Yes, I'll be playing it for the first time


Yeah, I'll be returning to Street Fighter V to try it


Yup, but I've been playing Street Fighter V anyway


Hmmm, I'm not sure yet


Nah, Arcade Edition is too little too late for me


No, I've got zero interest in Street Fighter V


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Do you think Arcade Edition will help Street Fighter V in the long run? (82 votes)

Yes, it'll attract a lot of new players


Yeah, it's a welcome update on the base game


I'm honestly not sure


Nah, it's not enough to bring in many new players


No, it's too late for Street Fighter V to grow into something more


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