Destiny 2 Dusklight Shards Locations PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Seeking out and gathering materials in Destiny 2 can take some time. Whether you're collecting them for a quest, to complete a challenge, or for a simple patrol mission, actually tracking down dusklight shards and the other planet-specific resources can be a pain in the neck. Hopefully, this quick guide can help you find what you need.

Where are dusklight shards located in Destiny 2?

You find dusklight shards in the first free roam area of Destiny 2: the European Dead Zone on Earth. Dusklight shards are this area's specific material, meaning that they can only be found here. Each free roam location -- whether it's Titan, Nessus, or Io -- has its own material that you can collect. 

Each type of material looks different, but there's one key similarity: they all spawn randomly at various preset locations. This means that there's no surefire way to track them down -- even if you somehow made note of every single possible spawning location.

Tips for finding materials in Destiny 2

Okay, so if it's near impossible to actually determine where materials are going to spawn (and when), then what's the best way to find them? It may seem like an obvious answer, but honestly, the best way to go about collecting materials is to stop and take a look around every corner, behind any rocks or trees or structures that stick out.

Destiny 2 puts a heavy emphasis on visual design cues. In other words, a lot of its environments are designed in such a way that they visually direct you to things of importance. If a little winding path off the beaten trail looks a bit suspicious and it catches your eye, take the time to follow it. There's probably a chest or a material just sitting around the corner.

For dusklight shards in particular, try looking in more natural spots -- places with grass, dirt, or on shores near water. Avoid places like Cabal bases and other non-organic locations if you're looking to harvest them efficiently. Phaseglass, which is found on Io, is pretty much the same. Always scout crevices and tight spaces.

Some materials on other planets, however, aren't quite as straightforward. Alkane, which can be found on Titan, is usually just dotted around the map, sitting on crates or hiding away in small rooms since the area is essentially one huge man-made structure. Likewise, datalattice, which is found on Nessus, can often be picked up near buildings or enemy bases.

Again, though, there's no truly easy way to farm materials, so it's best to simply be vigilant in your exploration. It can also be a huge help to search with a friend or two, as you can cover way more ground as a team, and shout whenever one of you finds something.

How long do materials take to respawn?

This is where things get a little tricky. While you can certainly make note of some spawn points and return to these locations at a later date to find that the material has reappeared, there are variables that can alter things.

For starters, areas can reset -- at least to some degree -- if you leave, travel to a couple of different zones, and come back. Sometimes, if you're lucky, the materials that you've already harvested will have respawned at their respective locations.

However, you can't forget that Destiny 2 features shared spaces. Much like treasure chests, other players can get to materials before you do, collect them, and then, after a certain amount of time, the material will disappear. As such, any potential farming techniques can be interrupted by other Guardians.