Sony is scheduled to host its annual Tokyo Game Show pre-show press conference on Tuesday, 19th September. While the importance of the Japanese convention has undoubtedly declined in recent years, the platform holder could never be accused of not showing up – it’s announced titles like Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Gravity Rush 2, and Everybody’s Golf at the event in the past.

But it provides our largest prediction headache, because while E3 2017 is surrounded by speculation and rumour, TGS is often engulfed by mystery. And with the PlayStation maker still set to host press conferences at Paris Games Week and PlayStation Experience before the year’s out, we question how big the manufacturer’s going to go when it takes the stage in Tokyo.

Nevertheless, here are 12 things we reckon could be shown for PS4 during the firm’s press conference next week.

Monster Hunter World TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Monster Hunter will rule the World

Okay, the jury’s still out on whether Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World gamble will win over the West at long last – but Sony’s going to try everything in its power to make the game succeed in its native Japan. Considering the series has traditionally been associated with handhelds like the PSP and 3DS, it’s going to have its work cut out, but we expect this game to feature heavily during PlayStation’s press conference.

Resident Evil 2 TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Return to Raccoon City

It’s time. Resident Evil 2 Remake has been in development for some time now, and we reckon we’ll get our first glimpse of the PSone overhaul during Sony’s press conference. Rhetorical question: just how good is Leon S. Kennedy’s hair going to look in 4K on PS4 Pro? We suspect there’ll be a few Biohazard-related reveals, to be honest – don’t rule out a trailer for Resident Evil 7’s upcoming Not a Hero expansion, too.

13 Sentinels TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Vanillaware bringing the wares

Dragon’s Crown Pro, a PS4 port of Vanillaware’s stunning PlayStation 3 and Vita beat-‘em-up, has already leaked online – and is seemingly certain set to make its debut during Sony’s show. What will be interesting is if it’s accompanied by 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, the studio’s long overdue mecha game.

Final Fantasy XV Ignis TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Final Fantasy XV’s never-ending story

It wouldn’t be a gaming convention without an update on Final Fantasy XV. Perhaps we’ll get a longer look at Episode Ignis during PlayStation’s press conference? Or possibly a road map including future content to come? One thing’s for certain: Sony’s going to try reely hard to push PlayStation VR angling exclusive Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV.

Fist of the North Star Yakuza TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Yakuza Studio’s keeping itself busy

There’ll be two Yakuza Studio titles on display at Sony’s TGS 2017 press conference: remake Yakuza: Kiwami 2 and the recently announced Fist of the North Star. Both games are likely to be big sellers on the PS4, so don’t be surprised if bundles are announced – particularly for the new Ryu ga Gotoku, which is due out in December in Japan.

Shadow of the Colossus TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Stepping out of the Shadow of the Colossus

If there’s one first-party PS4 game that we expect to get a full reveal during Sony’s TGS 2017 press conference, it’s Shadow of the Colossus. We’ve barely seen anything of Bluepoint’s remaster, but we reckon there’ll be a new trailer and potentially even gameplay footage of this anticipated remake. And honestly, we can’t wait.

God of War TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

All of E3 2017’s games

We’ve all seen the new God of War, Spider-Man, and Days Gone trailers – but remember they haven’t been formally presented to the Japanese audience yet. Don’t expect anything new on any of these games, but do anticipate dubbed footage and localisation commitments. Also, there’ll be at least one Gran Turismo Sport trailer for sure – it’s out soon, after all.

Dynasty Warriors 9 TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Much ado about Warriors

Open world sequel Dynasty Warriors 9 is a lock for Sony’s TGS 2017 press conference, as publisher Koei Tecmo promotes the approaching Musou. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a little something more from the franchise, though – perhaps a new spin-off leveraging the series’ unique brand of character action.

Persona 5 TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Take your heart

We suspect that feet will be tapping along to new gameplay footage for the duo of Persona dancing games that Atlus has planned for PS4 and Vita, but the announcements may not end there. There’s been chatter about some kind of Persona 5 Special Edition, and seeing as the original’s just hit its one year Japanese anniversary, the timing feels right. Speculation has it that a Persona 3 remake could also be on the cards – could we see it at TGS 2017?

Summer Lesson TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

PlayStation VRery good

It’s been a good first year for PlayStation VR, but pressure will always be on Sony to show that there’s a good selection of software coming. Western developers seem to have embraced the technology well, but what about Japan? The new Summer Lesson is sure to be revealed during TGS 2017, but could we see some virtual reality surprises from other developers? Here’s hoping.

Trails of Cold Steel TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Cold steel

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is almost out in Japan – and developer Falcom’s confirmed that it’s bringing the previous two titles in the series to the PS4 as well. What does that mean? Well it feels like the appropriate moment for a blowout, doesn’t it? Perhaps some kind of compilation will be revealed, too?

Nier Automata TGS 2017 Tokyo Game Show PS4 Predictions

Be there or be Square Enix

Square Enix is working on a number of titles for the PS4 that we’d expect to feature during Sony’s TGS 2017 press conference: Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Secret of Mana to name but two. But here’s a real wildcard of a prediction for you: what about some kind of new NieR reveal? It’s very early, but Platinum hasn’t exactly been busy since Scalebound was axed and the publisher may want to strike while the iron’s hot – after all, Automata was something of a shock success worldwide.

Would this kind of lineup excite you? Is there anything in particular you’re hoping to see during Sony’s TGS 2017 press conference? Turn Japanese in the comments section below.