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Diablo III's Necromancer is quite possibly the most entertaining playable character in the game - and that's high praise when every other available hero is a ton of fun in their own right. The Necromancer has a wide variety of distinct skills and abilities, and depending on your preferred playstyle, the class can be moulded in multiple different, effective ways. In short, the new addition is a blast to play.

Going by the name, you'll already have some idea as to what you're getting into with the Necromancer. This is a hero that primarily commands the undead, plucking reanimated corpses from the ground and forcing them to fight at his or her side. As such, minions are very much a staple of the character as you build up a small army of skeletons and fleshy beasts.

When used in this way, the Necromancer essentially acts as a field general, directing his or her rotten followers while sitting back and keeping an eye on the overall battle. It's a uniquely satisfying way to play Diablo, and when your summoned creatures are tearing through hordes of monsters at your behest, there's a definite sense of power. The Necromancer doesn't even have to dirty his or her hands to get the job done.

But as alluded, that's only one way to play this versatile class. If you do want to get stuck in and feel the blood slap across your pale mug, then the character offers up a reasonable amount of close-quarters skills that turn it into a deadly melee fighter. Slashing away with ghostly scythes and blowing foes back with a booming force field are viable options when it comes to fighting face-to-face.

We can't possibly continue without at least mentioning the Necromancer's corpse abilities, though. When playing as the new class, defeated enemies will leave behind grisly looking corpses that the Necromancer can use in a variety of ways. It can consume them to restore its resource pool, reanimate them to grow its undead army, or even make them explode in a shower of blood and guts, damaging any opponents that are near. The latter is an incredibly satisfying and brutal way to dish out big damage.

The Necromancer presents a bloody good time, then, but that's all there really is to this expensive character pack. Priced at £12.99 or $14.99, the add-on boasts a steep price tag for what is essentially a fresh way to experience Diablo III - a game that you may have played through numerous times by this point. Still, the fun that we had with the class simply can't be ignored. If you fancy getting back into Blizzard's superb action role-playing release, or even if you're a total newcomer, the Necromancer won't disappoint.

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer is available from the PlayStation Store priced at £12.99/$14.99. It's also included in Diablo III: Eternal Collection.