Sony PS4 Pro DualShock 4 Controller PlayStation

Sometimes there are ideas so good that you have to steal them, and the Xbox One Elite controller is one of them. The premium pad may be pricey, but it’s proved popular among core gamers – the kind of people you’d expect to cough up for products like the PS4 Pro. But Sony’s been reluctant to offer a similar option, even though it sounds like it’s still very much a point of conversation in the boardroom.

“The idea of a premium interface in exactly the same manner as we now have a premium console has a lot of logic to it, and there are such products already available in the market from third parties,” PlayStation Europe’s chief Jim Ryan told TIME. “But it's definitely something we continue to look at.”

The odds on this eventually happening are high if you ask us: Sony’s leaving a significant amount of money on the table, and it just makes too much sense not to get the greenlight. Watch this space.