The new Spider-Man game is called Spider-Man because, well, it’s about Spider-Man – but what about the dude behind the spandex suit? Peter Parker, it appears, will play in an integral role in Insomniac Games’ new title, coming to the PlayStation 4.

“It can’t just be Spider-Man 100 per cent of the time,” creative director Bryan Intihar told Kotaku. “Peter Parker is integral to the character. In our game, you’re gonna see Peter a lot in story and in gameplay. He has a job. He just graduated college, and he has his first job as a scientist.”

In other news, those of you with eagle eyes may have spotted Miles Morales – who’s also Spider-Man in the Ultimate comic book universe – towards the end of the trailer. But will he be playable in the game? The developer’s keeping quiet on that front for now.

“Miles and Pete being together – yeah, there’s been some comic things where worlds collide, but in our game he’s part of that world,” Intihar added. “There’s also been a lot of Spider-Man stories, a lot about Peter. Bringing Miles into that helps us explore sides of Peter we haven’t seen before.”