A true classic has arrived as, er, a PS2 Classic on the PlayStation 4 today: Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. This is the first Capcom title to take advantage of Sony’s emulation technology, and it’ll hopefully pave the way for more in the future. In terms of features, it’s packing a Platinum Trophy and is compatible with all of the new-gen system’s functions (such as the Share button, for example) but it’s not widescreen, so keep that in mind.

We captured the first ten minutes or so from the survival horror so that you can see how the port holds up. The controls are as awful as you remember, and obviously no work has been done to upgrade them, but other than some heavy compression on cut-scenes it seems to run and look fine. Are you planning to pick this one up? Let us know, and do take a look at the various other PS2 Classics we’d like to hit the PlayStation Store through here.

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